Ongoing Research

Dr. Radic's group:

  • Glacier response to climate change (modelling, data analysis):

How sensitive are mountain glaciers to climate change?
How much will mountain glaciers contribute to global sea level rise by the end of the century?

  • Processes at glacier-atmosphere interface (field work, data analysis, modelling):

How can we simulate surface heat fluxes that contribute to glacier melting, specifically turbulent heat fluxes?
Can we improve methods for estimating turbulent heat fluxes during katabatic winds?
How to improve parameterizations of turbulent fluxes at glacier surfaces in regional climate models?

  • Impact of glaciers on local and regional hydrology (data analysis, machine learning, modelling):

What communities in western Canada are most vulnerable to glacier retreat?
How will climate change impact streamflow in western Canada?

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Dr. Schoof's group:

  • Ice sheet dynamics (modelling):

How do marine ice sheets evolve?
How can we simulate fracture formation and iceberg calving in ice sheets?

  • Fast flow of ice streams (modelling):

How do feedbacks between heat dissipation and ice temperature affect the flow of an ice sheet?
Can these feedbacks lead to spontaneous pattern formation and to rapid acceleration of ice flow?

  • Glacier hydrology and glacier surges (field work, data analysis, modelling):

How do physical processes that control the formation of a subglacier drainage system work?
How does surface hydrology dictate what happens at the bed of an ice sheet?

Find here more info about each project and publications.